Rotary Karnataka CSR Conference Bangalore | February 15, 2019

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Rotary Karnataka CSR Awards 2019

Rotary Karnataka CSR Conference and Awards - 2019 is an initiative to recognize the best CSR projects in Karnataka. The awards encourage the organizations (regardless of their size) on social projects or program and increase the recognition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles in their operations. This exciting and need based initiative focuses on successful partnerships between business and society, with particular emphasis on collaborative programs/projects that tackle contemporary social issues through innovations and action oriented interventions



  1. CSR Excellence in Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  2. CSR Excellence  in Disease prevention and treatment
  3. CSR Excellence in Water and sanitation
  4. CSR Excellence in Maternal and child health
  5. CSR Excellence in Basic education and literacy
  6. CSR Excellence  in Economic and community development


FAQS – Awards 2019


Where I can get more information about the awards category

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Who can apply

All Organization contributing towards CSR activities in Karnataka are eligible for Rotary CSR Awards. All large, medium, small scale corporates, startups, Corporate Foundations, Social enterprise, implementation partner agencies and their units are eligible for the participation in the award.


How to Apply

Please use the below web form to apply for the awards


Do you have to pay for the award application fees?

No, there is no separate entry fee for the award application.

Can you apply for more than one category?

Yes, applicant can apply for all the six categories. The application form has to be send at each category separately




January 25, 2019

Last Date for Submission of  Award applications


February 1, 2019

Shortlisting of Finalists by the Jury.



February 15, 2019

Awards distribution during Rotary Karnataka CSR Conference